Tibet – The Beautiful people & their style.

Tibet lady

I spent four days in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet and the first thing that struck me were the people (not literally). They’re absolutely stunning and fascinating, such a quirky bunch, with easily distinguishable features. Most locals are tall, elegant and they have wide round faces with rugged features and healthy rosy cheeks.

They have such a unique sense of style which had me captivated as it’s so distinctive to anywhere I’ve been before. Their clothes have a huge traditional influence but with a modern twist. Big hats are the norm for both men and women but if no hat then fantastic coloured hair pieces. You’ll often see older men with a thick band of red hair wrapped around the circumference of their head on top of their own thick jet black hair. The women all wear their hair long but often have various colours woven in to their long dark plaits.

Jewellery is a big deal too, always worn big bright and bold. Many people were an earring with a piece of red cotton wrapped around their ear. The clothes are worn long with thick, rich and heavy materials. Dark colours, browns, greens and reds are key but you’ll sometimes see flashes of multicolour striped material amongst the dark colours.

Tibet ladies 2

Personally, I fell in love with the people. I’d love to live in a place where it’s the norm to wear your hair big and bold and still look so elegant and beautiful. I aspire to get that perfect blend of tradition and quirkiness. Not only do they look fantastic but they’re also lovely people. Whenever you make eye contact and smile you instantly get a huge beaming smile back. Western tourists are a rarity at the moment but I never once felt uncomfortable or unwelcome, just like I was surrounded by good, honest people with a twinkle in their eyes and hopefully a wicked sense of humour!

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