Sydney – Hell Yes!

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Everyone said ‘you’re so Melbourne’. I became convinced I was so Melbourne, before I’d even stepped foot into Australia. But Sydney had me captivated from the minute our little campervan trundled through those annoying e-toll roads.

There’s good hearted rivalry between the two cities. I’ve found the Melbourneites to be more vocal for the love of their home town or their chosen city, whereas Sydney folk tend to just smile and say ‘You’ll see’. If you’re going to start making country comparisons then Melbourne probably has a more European feel, it’s more London-ish. Sydney well it has beaches, all over it and the sun shines on a more regular basis.

I can almost hear the cries of ‘what about Melbourne’s culture’, well yes that’s lovely and all but I can get that in so many cities with a whole lot more culture. A city with plentiful beaches and one of the best art galleries I’ve ever been to is a winner for me. It all depends on what you’re after I guess. It helped Sydney’s appeal that Sydney Festival was on the weekend of my arrival. Live music, pop-up bars and lots of people out in the sun with big smiles tends to create a good first impression.

I’ve spent a few days living in a campsite, surrounded by nature and seconds from beautiful walks by a river littered with iguanas on its paths. Then a further week, living just off Bondi Beach. Every morning I head down and soak up the ocean air, walk and watch the surfers. I’ve walked around the city, seen the big sites, caught up with friends, hung out at Manly and Coogee. I had a helicopter ride, so I’ve also seen Sydney in all its glory from the skies. There are hidden coves and beaches, many open air pools, stunning buildings and lots of space to roam.

I’m about to move on and travel up the coast, making my way to Cairns and Cape Tribulation, stopping off at loads of places en route. Looking forward to seeing yet more sides to this vast country and getting to know the ocean here a little better.

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