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So what’s happened since my big decision… insomnia has happened. Trying to sell all my worldly belongings and cancel a life that I thought would be at least mid-term if not long-term. Not easy when you don’t speak the lingo! I explored Madrid and realised Barcelona has my heart. I landed in the right city with just a suitcase and a screenshot of a google map back in early October. I couldn’t have known how hard and wonderful this experience would be in equal measures.

I’ve struggled with writer’s and creative block. Completely paralysed with the enormity of what I was doing. I travelled before but this time it feels more permanent, well as permanent as anything really is. This time I don’t have the money to travel, I’m completely relying on using my skills to score a bed, food, to live.

I found my feet again and late nights and hazy mornings have been spent building a website, sorting my online shit out. I’m excited to be going to TBEX a travel blogger conference. It’s just up the road from my Barcelona home so it would have been rude not to go. I have been to and run many blogger events but this time I’ll be a blogger not the brand. I’ve had to get my shit together, writing my pitch documents, get business cards, a logo – I love my logo!

Oh and I scored my first project! I interviewed for the role of Raleigh International’s Communication Officer and got it. I’m moving to Costa Rica early June where I’ll be running the communications for all the wonderful projects Raleigh has going on in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I’ll be blogging for Raleigh, visiting the projects and getting under the skin of what’s going on there. I’ll be producing a weekly radio show and managing the media relations. It’s a three month thing and an amazing stepping stone into my new life.

I knew I’d get back to Costa Rica somehow and it means I can carry on learning Spanish. I’ve convinced myself it’ll be easier without the mix of Catalan… I’m ever hopeful! Those who have followed my travels will know I chucked my iPhone in a lake when I was last in Costa Rica. I was on a fast moving boat and I tripped as I ran to get a photo of the most beautiful volcano. My shiny gold phone sank without a trace and I therefore have a Costa Rica shape gap in my photos from my travels. I plan to fill that hole over the following months!

Before I set off in seven weeks I have to move countries, do a first aid course, a video editing course, a family pilgrimage . Get a new passport… shit! I’m taking deep breaths, drinking too much coffee and working hard on getting my website looking as ready as it can be. I’ll be sharing it and begging you all to have a nose around in about a week. You’ve been warned!

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  1. Wow Costa Rica, you really do visit some amazing places Jo, great to hear that you have a new gig. And I look forward to seeing your replacement images of the wonderful place you will be calling home. Good luck on your next chapter.

    P.S. If you get on a boat, don’t drop your phone 🙂

  2. So pleased I caught up with you before you left. Barcelona will be a little emptier without you, but lucky Costa Rica

  3. And so it begins! Well done/congratulations on the role with Raleigh, if I remember rightly I did a charity run for them in my younger days. Can’t wait to hear about the adventure and see the new website x x x

    p.s. Nicaragua = pumping surf 🙂

  4. Ha Austen! Last time I was in Nicaragua the current was so strong I couldn’t even stand or paddle out. Are you coming to visit if the conditions are good? 🙂

  5. Hi Jo,

    Wow, what can I say that won’t sound banal? The excitement we feel for you is pretty damned high, so what your own excitement level must be feeling like, goodness only knows! We are thrilled that you got the post with RI – congratulations, although they just had to give it to you as they want the best and you are it. You are going to have the most amazing three months with them by the sounds of all you will be doing – at the end of it your CV will require several books not just a few pages! We are so happy for you, and we wish you all the luck in the world. Costa Rica in June, whereto next? Any other places you didn’t get to photograph along the way . . ?!

    • Hi Liz and Chris! I’ve edited some of your message and will reply properly now on email 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. Terror and excitement can be quite close in the range of emotions I’ve discovered! xx

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