Filming in New York.

When I was asked if I’d attend the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 in New York last week for a work assignment I didn’t need asking twice. Only a fool wouldn’t have jumped at the chance! However, this did mean overcoming my fear of being filmed.

What is it with hearing your own voice back that makes you recoil in horror? There are a very niche group of people that actually like themselves on camera, for the rest of us it isn’t a pleasant experience. When did my voice become so droney?! And what’s with the strangely over-animated expression. I’d like to caveat my whole first time on camera experience with, I did it on no sleep, no food and after wrestling to get in (I was invited, it was just carnage!).

So all in all it was a baptism of fire, but it meant I could explore New York for the first time. I had a list of places to see, but as I had one day to explore I decided to set off on foot and just see where I ended up. Pretty lost was the outcome but I had a wonderful time exploring the vintage shops in Soho, the market in Chelsea and just generally wandering and looking up at the beautiful architecture.

Would I go back? Definitely! Will I go back on camera? Well I’m going to have to now aren’t I!

Let me know your thoughts...

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