Malaysian Borneo – All Orang-utans and Turtles

Due to poor planning and a bit of bad luck I’ve found myself completely winging it around Malaysia but hitting quite a few dead ends. Who knew number 1 dive spot Semporna (and islands off Semporna) isn’t safe to travel to due to political unrest, kidnappings and a recent murder? Did you know you can’t reach the lush sounding Perinthian Islands during rainy season? Or that Kota Kinabalu was going to be full of drunk old men. Nope I don’t know any of this, so my Malaysian experience so far has been a little hampered by these set-backs. However, I have managed to squeeze in a day with the Orang-utans at Sepilok Rehabilitation Sanctuary and an overnight stay on Turtle Island watching the little’uns hatch and get released into the sea. I think pictures say it best.

First, Orang-Utans! It wasn’t till I saw these dudes that I realised I’ve seen many monkeys but for Orang-utans it was definitely a first. I fell in love with their massive personalities, go-go-gadget limbs and their cute human/monkey faces.

Orang-utans Borneo

Cute mother and baby Orang-utan

Orang-utan Borneo

Yoga Monkey!

Orang-utan Borneo

Borneo Monkey

Next up, Turtles. After diving with these prehistoric animals I have a new found love for them. They are so tranquil and wear an almost stoned expression. I went to Turtle Island to watch them lay eggs and the little’uns get released for their first journey into the sea.

Green Turtle Nest

A mummy Green Turtle laying her eggs

Green Turtle eggs

Turtle eggs ready to be re-nested

Green Turtle Protected nest

A new nest is built for the eggs

Green Turtle Nests

Protected turtle nests

Baby Green Turtles

Aww baby Green Turtles

Green Turtle baby

Yep they’re real!

Green Turtle Babies

Run little’uns

Green Turtles Sea

Almost there…

Green turtle babies

Made it!


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