When I grow up I want to be Vivienne Westwood.

A true legend of our time, Dame Vivienne, fascinates and excites me. Born in 1941, which makes her 70 years old and still creating some of the most thought-provoking clothing out there. What I love about her designs is the combination of edginess with classic tailoring that celebrates the body and accentuates every curve.

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Good food, good wine, presents, festive cheer, togetherness, warm fires and plenty of re-runs on tv – that’s what Christmas means to so many. Oh and I’m sure Jesus features quite high in many people’s minds too.

I know it’s tough to believe but not everyone loves that oh so festive time of year. For many it’s tainted with bad memories and a very real pressure, that you should be surrounded by a warm loving family and having lots of fun. There are many people who don’t have homes, or families and yeah don’t get me wrong that’s not unique to a week in December, but it can emphasise what you haven’t got.

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