Fraser Island – Sand Dunes & Dingoes

Dingo Fraser Island


I’m pretty sure this is where I had my first Australia aha moment. Flying down a ridiculously long beach on the island made of sand in a 4 wheel drive, music blaring, rolling waves chasing us as the tide came in. I’ve never felt so free (on land) in my entire life.

Our soundtrack consisted of Groove Armada, London Grammar, Florence and then some dubious tunes as we’ve rinsed our music collections dry in the last few weeks.


The dingoes came out to play for us and rather than looking fierce and menacing like the mean baby-snatching beasts they’re supposed to be, they looked like super cute fox dogs. They stretched and posed for us along the vast sandy beach, completely disinterested in the bunch of nutters hurtling through the sand. Wave upon wave lapped closer to us as we drove towards our campsite.

Magical Fraser Island

Magical Fraser Island

Our tents had beds, how luxurious! We drank wine and Bundaberg rum and went in search of the beach to sit under the stars and listen to the ocean. Such a simple free natural pleasure but so perfect.

An early morning swim in Eli Creek and its tree lined crystal clear waters felt like some form of modern-day nature baptism. The slight current towards the ocean meant you could lie back and float in the cool waters staring up at the criss cross branches in the clear blue skies.

Eli Creek.

Eli Creek.

After a little more exploring, a shipwreck, lookouts, Champagne Pools and bays it was time to head off back to reality, well to a farm for stew and to sleep under the stars in swags. How am I ever going to go back to ‘real life’?

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