Forced Fun

bula time

I’m sat hiding in my 10 bed dorm only metres away from a fate worse than death for me, a night of forced fun. I like to have fun. Over the years I’ve had like so much fun, I promise. But when you’re all sat having a bite to eat, super relaxed and enjoying a conversation and then you’re told in 5 minutes we’re all going to get up for entertainment and we’re going to dance like chickens, my apologies for sloping off into the night with some ridiculous excuse.

It’s like New Year’s Eve. As an early teen you’re all full of hope and wonder about this magical night that promises to be The Best Night Ever. It’s only after a few year’s of perseverance and mostly failures you give up and realise that New Year’s Eve Eve or New Year’s Day are far superior as the pressure is off.

One of my biggest fears when setting off on this trail around the world was that I’d get caught up with, well people like my 18 year old self and find myself on a drinking trail around the earth. On a never ending circuit of ‘games’ (cardboard box game and limbo excluded – they’re epic). I think I may have thought Magaluf’s boat trip, where I inhaled large quantities of ‘Sex on the Beach’ from a tube was kinda fun, even the part where they then made me run along a beach straight after and spin round a pole 30 times. But I was 16 years old!

I’m not anti drinking now… My Australian adventures have proven that to me. But let both drinking and fun be a natural occurrence. Not a necessity with a dedicated time slot.

Right now I can hear the stop start of music as boys are being asked to select girls for a dance contest. To be fair I can hear a fair bit of giggling too, which is unnerving me even more as I’m on an island with people that think this actually is fun. When I say music, I mean The BeeGees. I’m wondering how long I can hide in this dark room for.

Fiji is a myriad of truly beautiful islands. Don’t ruin them with your forced entertainment, ‘Bula Time’ just isn’t necessary. I bet some of you are thinking it doesn’t sound so bad… well think about doing it with NO alcohol at all (I’m detoxing in Fiji). Ha, now I’ve got you hey. If you still think it sounds acceptable then I reckon you might want to stop reading this blog as me and you, well we’re from a different planet.

So anyway, I’ve now spent 20 minutes ‘hunting for mosquito spray’ and I have a feeling I’m going to get tracked down any minute. Pray for me!

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  2. Ahhh There’s so much more to Fiji once beyond Europeans on Islands!! Looks like a fantastic trip… X

    • Hey Alice, if I’d stayed longer I’d have got some advice from you. I met some amazing locals and had a giggle. It was just the forced entertainment I had to run from! I hope you’re good.x

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