Bikram Yoga.


To coincide with my giving up smoking I thought I’d better look at my whole lifestyle. I’ve always been a yoga fan but my one session a week just wasn’t going to cut it with a newly found craving for sweet things.

I’m unbelievably lucky to have a dedicated yoga studio ten mins from my house, Studio 42. Not being a london lass you don’t expect such luxuries. I went thinking ‘how bad can it be’. Christ alive it’s hot – 42 degrees to be precise. I’m not a sweater, but boy do you sweat! Thank god I signed up for a month and therefore forced myself to keep going because now I love it – averaging 4, 90minute sessions a week. I’m in month 3 and can now get into and stay in postures I only dreamed of being able to master. I’m proper bendy, being double-jointed but in all the wrong ways. for example touching my toes was never an option before but is now.

Not only does it build your strength but it also focuses your mind and helps build concentration and determination too. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to find a hot yoga studio you get 90 minutes of heat. I often find my biggest motivator to getting my ass down there is an hour and a half of being warm in this ridiculously long winter! I’m not so sure the motivation will last if we get some prolonged sunshine but for now I’d massively recommend it.

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