Awkward… I’m Asking for Money!


Awkward… I’m asking for money! Not for me, although that may come, hahaha *hysterical laughter* as it dawns on me I really have left my life, my job and all my home comforts to earn no money.

I don’t like asking for money, I don’t think anyone does. I’ve worked since I was a kid as I wanted to be independent and pay my way in life. I’ve never really thought what it would be like to be in a position where getting a job wasn’t possible, I haven’t had to. As I travelled the penny dropped, we in the first world generally have it easy. Don’t get me wrong we have our own shit and large sections of my life rival Eastenders plots, but I’ve always had the ability to earn money.

I was also fortunate enough to go to school and whenever I’ve wanted a drink of ice cold clean water, I’ve grabbed a glass and stuck it under the tap. I’ve never, ever had to hunt it down, go thirsty or drink dirty water. I’ve always been able to shower whenever I wanted, have a bubble bath even, what luxury.

My eyes are open now and all these things I’ve taken for granted, fellow humans only dream of. I don’t know how you feel about this? I guess when I’d never experienced first hand how the poorest communities on our planet lived, I felt pretty detached. More often then not I’d give to charities closer to home, the homeless people I walk past in the streets, cancer charities, NSPCC, mental health charities and a few others. Basically, I was compelled to give to causes that had touched me in my life and I felt I could see a difference being made. I’m very much an evidence based person and I, like many people I know are a little skeptical about giving money to far away places. Why? Well because it doesn’t really seem to make a tangible difference or even get to the people who need it.

This time, it’s different. I’m heading right to the communities, the projects, with the team at Raleigh International. It’s my role to share exactly how the donations are being used to make people’s lives better. I’ll be in Nicaragua, with some of the poorest communities, reporting on the water system the Raleigh volunteers are building. In Costa Rica, I’ll be sharing stories of how the team there are helping the turtles and plant much needed trees after an unhealthy amount have been destroyed. People, animals and planet – they’ve got it all covered!


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