As much as I wanted to embrace Hanoi, I was also tempted to run to the hills for some tranquility. Halong Bay is often cited as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Vietnam and the temptation of spending some time at sea was too much.

Oh sleeper buses… A 12 hour sleeper bus took us to Hanoi and the term sleeper can be used loosely! I’m noticing a pattern, that when I land in a city suffering from sleep deprivation and dehydration it impacts my view of my new destination. I was determined not to let this happen in, Read More

From the second I landed in Hue, I loved it. I’ll attempt to put into words why but you know sometimes you just go somewhere and get a good feel about it? Well it’s one of those. Yes the streets are crowded like Hoi An but there’s still a feeling of space. On the, Read More

Hoi An was high on my Vietnam tick list because so many had recommended it as a fantastic place to see. Other travellers en route raved about it too. When I arrived it’s safe to say I wasn’t immediately charmed. I was warned by the hostel owner about the high number of muggings, which, Read More

So what to do in Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon). I spent 7 days here and tried to cover off most of the main things to do. ¬†As you head down any street in HCMC you’ll hear the chants of ‘Cyclo, Cyclo’ and in my case ‘Madam Cyclo, Madam Cyclo, where are you, Read More

I hate to start my first blog in a new city with such a morbid topic and I didn’t arrive in Vietnam with the war on my mind, but my first stop in Ho Chi Minh City was the War Remnants Museum. I have never experienced such an impactful exhibition, which caused me to, Read More