Love Poppy Social Media

Huddled in some kind of grimy squat (because that’s where terrorists hang out right), a group of hooded figures are pouring over data, endless streams of data. There’s glee, back-slapping and high-fives. “Yes they’re doing it again, they’re dividing right before our eyes.”

Forgive me for going all Adele and broadcasting my love life to the world, but I’m writing this post as truth and integrity are important to me. Social media is full of positives and well that’s just beautiful – all that cake baking and sunny beaches, smiling faces and achievements. But we all know, Read More

As most travelling girls with restless souls will tell you, adventure is their first love. Unlocking our planet’s secrets, exploring every ocean and getting under the skin of the myriad of earth’s cultures is what makes my eyes sparkle. The joy of moving, living a nomadic lifestyle and home being wherever we lay our, Read More