I just didn’t get Bali the first or even second time round, it wasn’t for me but something magical happened the third time and everything just slotted into place. I’m so pleased I didn’t give up on it and went back to surf in Canggu.

Like most of Asia, Indonesia’s spiritual side is on display for everyone to see. The insanely large country made up of multiple islands is home to many religions and in the areas I saw the people live fairly harmoniously, although locals tell me this isn’t the case according to their media. I had conversations, Read More

With no real agenda I island hopped from Bali to Gili Air to Lombok to Komodo Islands, Rinca and Flores. Sounds simple huh. Well it is if you’re not big on health and safety and enjoy spending more time on or in the sea than land. With those boxes ticked I set off to, Read More