A Love Story and a One Way Ticket

As most travelling girls with restless souls will tell you, adventure is their first love. Unlocking our planet’s secrets, exploring every ocean and getting under the skin of the myriad of earth’s cultures is what makes my eyes sparkle. The joy of moving, living a nomadic lifestyle and home being wherever we lay our backpacks is the life we choose to live. It’s never lonely and much of the beauty is in the solo journey. I’m so grateful that I had that experience but what happens when you meet your soulmate and they share the same dreams, passion for travel and nomadic soul as you do. Magic happens that’s what!

Love Story:

When I was a young teen I met a boy at a party. Actively warned off him I was intrigued. Actively warned off me I was a challenge. Like moths to the brightest flame we connected. Everything else is a dark sludge of memory but the way he looked straight through to my soul, the way he held me, and the way he kissed me unashamedly has never left me. We exchanged landline numbers and we said goodbye, maybe forever.

Only a few days later, after school and tea, the house phone rang. ‘It’s for you Johanna, it’s Matthew’. I shut myself away in a corner of a room in my hectic family home and held the phone pressed to my face. This was over 20 years ago now and we have racked our brains as to what we spoke about for hours at a time, night after night, but nope we’ve no clue.

Eventually the phone stopped ringing, we were teenagers with our whole lives to live and live them we did. Cut from the same cloth we wanted to enjoy everything life had to offer and Matthew became a hazy happy memory.

In our late teens, perhaps early twenties our paths crossed a few times but neither of us were ready for each other. We took our own paths and disappeared in opposite directions. With the advent of Facebook we reconnected yet again but again the timing wasn’t right.

Fast forward fifteen years since we last saw each other face-to-face, I found myself on a train to Brighton (England). This was now Matthew’s home town and the same friend (Cat) that originally introduced us and I were heading to the seaside town for a night-out. Matthew met us at the station and we gingerly questioned each other on our lives, the last fifteen years and our outlooks. By the time night fell we were hand in hand, sorry Cat!

Brighton pier

Timing is Everything:

This recent connection may not seem like a chance meet-up but it really was, an unexpected turn of events, serendipity, synchronicity, whatever you want to call it. I was on the verge of leaving the country, my UK stint had come to an end and I was in the midst of saying goodbye. Then bam, Matthew stepped back into my life and I was torn. I was ready, so ready to go and I had a head full of ideas about where my backpack and I were heading. Then there was Matthew. He was running his own successful business and a head chef too, just reaching Brighton’s busy Summer season. He was busy and immersed in his present, but with travel dreams too.

Treading water isn’t fun, my head had set sail already but my heart was stuck. I couldn’t tear myself away but I was desperate to go. We hadn’t quite defined what we were and I found myself waiting. I am TERRIBLE at waiting. What was I even waiting for? Due to my restlessness and our impulsive natures we had a trip to my old home city Barcelona booked within weeks.

I didn’t know this then, but Barcelona was a test, a stepping stone. Could we travel together? It turned out we could. More waiting and waiting and then we came to a decision. We were leaving together.hostel view bcn

One-Way Ticket:

Well we did it, we left. That was three weeks ago and so far so good. Better than good. Travelling solo has so many positives but sharing those moments with someone you love is really special. Our futures are undefined just how we like them to be. There is no 9-5 but as we’re not absolutely loaded we will be working. Between us we’re filled with skills that allow us to earn on the road and the goal is to find that perfect balance between life, adventure and earning.

We have a little more exploring to do before we ‘settle’ (horrible word). But we are planning to call a place home for a few months at least and pick up some more skills, which are combined with our passions.

We’re far from deluded, we know all the challenges and pitfalls that lay ahead but why focus on them when you can focus on all the good stuff.selfie me


It’s the biggest cliche out there but we live ONCE. We are choosing to push ourselves further than most new relationships but with the biggest risks come the biggest rewards. Some may think we’re crazy that in just a few short months our reconnection we are choosing to live, travel and spend nearly every waking hour together. I’ve lived my whole life very independently and for sure this was always going to be the most challenging aspect of this adventure. With only three weeks under our belt I’m not going to jump the gun but it just works.

I’ve had too much freedom to roam in the past few years and living life under the same roof and in the same town sounds far more challenging.

So watch this space and please do follow our travels, our adventures and our lives.

UPDATE: Please read Eat, Pray, Love, Dive – Over.

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  1. This is so lovely Jo! Super happy for you both. The pictures look amazing and it’s lovely to read your writing as I sit here in London dreaming of adventure. Lots of love and luck! xxx

    • Thanks Danny! It’s definitely a lot of fun. I hope you’re well and enjoying life! Xx

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