Work, work, work

I’m London based and work for Hostelworld as their Global Content Manager. Pretty dreamy, as far corporate capitalism goes, as I get to work with a creative bunch who love travelling as much as I do. I’ve been at this game for a while now, with over 12 years’ experience in Content Marketing, Social Media, PR & Influencer Marketing. I’ve worked on award winning campaigns and developed strategy and content for many brands.

Visions of Johanna

*Disclaimer: This is my photo, but it isn’t me holding an umbrella.

I’m very skilful at getting myself into unusual and often absurd situations, seeing them for what they are and then writing about them. Writing is my true love and I’m about to graduate with a Creative Writing MA (which is why I came back to London). I’m a storyteller and believe in the magic of words… they are powerful, so use them wisely.

I studied Documentary Photography at London College of Communications (UAL), and like to add photos to my stories. All the images on this blog are mine. I’m not a fan of watermarks so I’m trusting you not to rob them.

Although I’m not freelancing right now, I could be persuaded to run off into the sunset once we’re allowed to travel again. If you work for an ethical travel brand and happen to be based in paradise, please check out my work website, Onedaymaybe.meĀ