Ah the land of the illusive kiwi, both the fruit and the bird, which actually look fairly similar if you snap the bird’s head and limbs off (sorry I’m tired). My month has come to end and I’ve seen heaps, been on more buses then any human should have to endure in a lifetime, Read More

Ahh Queenstown, the place where dreams are fulfilled and fears are overcome. This place is perhaps my spiritual home, sadly the cost of living here probably means I’d be rough sleeping in my Nirvana. It’s really tricky to put into words just how cool this place is. The stunning mountainous landscape, with crystal clear, Read More

Dangling in dark caves with only glow worms illuminating the way, kayaking through waterfalls under the stars and water acrobatics with wild bottle nose dolphins. That is what New Zealand’s North Island had in store for me in my first few days on Kiwi soil.