Literally itching to get on the road, soaking up the countryside, fresh air and most importantly the sea, we went to pick up the van. So Wicked Campers were the company of choice, mainly due to value for money but I’d be lying if I said their decorated vans weren’t part of the appeal., Read More

Poor Melbourne, I placed so many expectations on this one city as I had hoped to make it my home one day. Sure, Melbourne delivered and as far as modern cities go it’s pretty fantastic. Trouble is, I’ve changed. So many questions whirling around my head now about what I want from this life., Read More

And what a welcome it was! After the higgledy piggledy Asian streets I landed on the big cushioned Australian, spacious comforts. Arriving at the airport was emotional, I met with one of my best friends who I love dearly and hadn’t seen for 5 and a half years. I was enveloped into his home, Read More