Brands have become almost human-like with personalities and back stories. A smoothie just isn’t a smoothie if it doesn’t have a story to tell and a slightly sarcastic sense of humour. We chat to brands now via their social media channels, expect them to deal with our issues in the public eye and to, Read More

So our beloved Internet is 25 years old and it’s got me thinking, could I have ever done this epic journey without the web at my disposal. Social media, the Internet and should we be connected to the ‘real world’ is a standard conversation amongst the travelling community. Has the web like totally ruined, Read More

Everyone that worked on #DancePonyDance is incredibly proud to have been a part of such a successful brand campaign for Three (mobile). Last time I checked we had over 200,000 hashtag mentions and over 7,000,000 views on You Tube for our very special moonwalking pony ‘Socks’. We created a piece of content which had, Read More

When I was asked if I’d attend the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 in New York last week for a work assignment I didn’t need asking twice. Only a fool wouldn’t have jumped at the chance! However, this did mean overcoming my fear of being filmed.