Only a few weeks ago (pre Brexit) I, like many, would have argued the UK is not racist or xenophobic. I’d have argued this with confidence. We are a welcoming multicultural society, aren’t we?! Yes, I was aware that there are pockets of society in the UK that are unhappy about immigration. But, did I, Read More

The proud male lion is lit up, his big round face like a sun with his glorious golden mane illuminated against the backdrop of the thick night sky. If I wanted to paint a romantic picture I’d say he was basking in the glowing light, but I’m pretty certain this majestic animal doesn’t enjoy, Read More

I’m sat hiding in my 10 bed dorm only metres away from a fate worse than death for me, a night of forced fun. I like to have fun. Over the years I’ve had like so much fun, I promise. But when you’re all sat having a bite to eat, super relaxed and enjoying, Read More