There’s nothing more relaxing and energising than drifting off with the sound of the ocean’s ferocious roar only metres away and a glorious full moon illuminating the sky. That’s where I am at as I type these words. I’ve come to escape the cities and hopefully get a little closer to the Xhosa people, an, Read More

What a time to visit South Africa… I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there’s this dude from here, called Oscar who may have accidentally shot his girlfriend four times on Valentine’s Day. So yeah #OscarTrial is playing on every TV screen and is featured in every newspaper, pretty much like the rest of, Read More

Love em or hate em, the crocodile is (in my eyes) one of the most fascinating and beautiful creatures on this planet. Obviously deadly, but perfectly at ease with itself never needing to adapt or evolve it continues to rule the animal kingdom and rid its waters of the odd human. It lies await, Read More