I started my trip in a Bangkok hotel room wondering was I going to last the distance. I’d waved goodbye to a lot, including relationships that I knew would change forever. Without any hesitation I knew I was doing the right thing but I was in limbo. I’d made the journey but I hadn’t, Read More

I just didn’t get Bali the first or even second time round, it wasn’t for me but something magical happened the third time and everything just slotted into place. I’m so pleased I didn’t give up on it and went back to surf in Canggu.

I joked before I left that one of my goals for this trip was to ‘find myself’. That exact phrase was said tongue wedged firmly in cheek because it has become such a cliché. I’ve also ‘been on a journey’ and ‘life’s a rollercoaster’, but seeing as I’m not coming out of the Big, Read More

Landing in George Town, Penang, waiting for my rucksack (my whole life for a year) was a touch hair-raising but for some reason I wasn’t worried. I sat on my empty airport trolley and waited, sure enough it found me after choosing to catch a slightly later flight. I think Penang’s optimism had already, Read More

Due to poor planning and a bit of bad luck I’ve found myself completely winging it around Malaysia but hitting quite a few dead ends. Who knew number 1 dive spot Semporna (and islands off Semporna) isn’t safe to travel to due to political unrest, kidnappings and a recent murder? Did you know you, Read More

Like most of Asia, Indonesia’s spiritual side is on display for everyone to see. The insanely large country made up of multiple islands is home to many religions and in the areas I saw the people live fairly harmoniously, although locals tell me this isn’t the case according to their media. I had conversations, Read More

How many times have you watched the news over the years and cried silent tears over devastation in a far away land? I’m holding my hands up now, I’m often a channel turner on the sad bits during Comic Relief. Not because I don’t care but because it breaks my heart, especially to see, Read More