We arrived in Yangshuo at 9pm-ish, spilled off an air-con bus into the sweltering heat and crowded streets. Lights, people, music, drinking everywhere – this place could give Thailand’s Koh San road or Ibiza’s West End a run for their debauched titles. After getting over the shock, not having seen a bar in over, Read More

It was a FaceTime conversation with my incurably selective eating brothers that inspired this post. They asked a simple question – ‘would we survive in China?’ The answer is probably not, or at least some massive dietary changes would have to be made. It’s ridiculous really as everything in China is edible, heads, feet,, Read More

The further south in China I head the more I fall in love with this vast, diverse and slightly mad country. I arrived into Lijiang at night, which I’m realising is the best time to see most Chinese cities. The old town stood out, beautifully lit up on the mountain side. It almost made, Read More

I’m not sure how why or when I signed up for so much trekking in my travels. Unlike most nations us Brits don’t tend to do as much trekking as a weekend hobby and down south we don’t really have the hills to practice on for the kind of treks I’m now experiencing. Im, Read More

Head straight to the ‘People Park’ in Chengdu, it’s hilarious and fascinating. It’s a city centre park and as soon as you head in there’s music playing in every direction. It’s just a typical Thursday afternoon, no public holiday, but the park is packed, mainly with the older generation.

From the minute I landed at Xi’an station I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Now this is what I thought and hoped China would be like. We’d left Beijing’s oppressive grey skies, buildings and smog. In comparison Xi’an has a smaller population too with ‘only’ 6 million inhabitants and we arrived to blue, Read More

I’d heard so much about The Great Wall, when to go, where to go and what to avoid but no one’s mentioned that you could cheat in the most fun way possible and do a section of it by flying down a toboggan run!

I’m going to be completely honest and say it wasn’t love at first sight when I landed in Beijing. It may have been the 1.40am flight from Bangkok that got us off to a bad start, but the heat and humidity even at 8.30am was overwhelming. I imagine most people could without too much, Read More

It didn’t occur to me until I arrived in Beijing just how different countries are even for the basics. I thought I’d write a few notes to help myth and stereotype bust.┬áMy experience to date of Thailand consist of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, so bare this in mind but here are my pearls of, Read More

Now I’ve never been a fan of massages, in fact being completely honest I’d never had one before. There’s something slightly unnerving about entrusting a complete stranger in a darkened room to manipulate your body. So in for a penny in for a pound, why not head to the local Thai prison in Chiang, Read More